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Smoothing The Transition ToAlbuquerque Daycare For Your Child

Early learning classes

Making the transition to child care and daycare in Albuquerque is an important developmental experience that can be stressful for both the child and their parents. New daycare kids must adjust to being around other children, adults, and a new environment with a different structure and expectations.

Ways to Ease Your Child’s Transition ToAlbuquerque Daycare

For some children, going to daycare is the first time away from the comfort of their family dynamic, while others are transitioning to a new school. In either case, there are some valuable ways to help make your child’s first days at daycare smooth and comfortable for both them and you.

Visit Daycare With Your Child Before They Begin

If your child can familiarize themselves with all the rooms and processes of the daycare with you by their side, they will feel more comfortable and confident without youlater on. Let your child speak with thechild carestaff and other children, so they know they will be in a safe environment.

Set Reasonable Expectations

Explain to the child exactly what they will be experiencing when they attend daycare. The more they know about what they should expect, the less anxious and fearful they will be on the first day.

Keep Life Simple

Give your child the time to absorb and accept the experience of going to daycare. Avoid overloading their schedules with activities when they get home, so they have the space to make the transition at their pace.

Saying Goodbye

The hardest thing about the first time in daycare is saying goodbye. It is up to you to take control and set the tone with a fast, confident, and positive parting. Most children will take little time to recover from a difficult goodbye, but they will not be able to until you leave.

Contact Covenant Schools for Child Care& Daycare in Albuquerque

For more information on tips to help your child adjust to daycare in Albuquerque and to learn more about the ways Covenant Schools provides safe learning curriculums, contact us today and set up a tour of our school.


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