Summary of Programs

Child Care Programs

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Covenant Schools offers the highest quality development care for children ages 6 weeks old to 5 year old pre-kindergartners. We have educational programs specifically designed help your child to be prepared for Kindergarten.

Our warm caring and highly experienced staff really love what they do and truly enjoy helping your child learn, develop and grow to their fullest potential!

We maintain a low student to teacher ratio and have a strong focus on providing individualized attention for your child.

Infants Daycare Program: Covenant School specializes in the highest quality developmental care. The Infant Care staff is specifically trained to pay meticulous attention to your baby’s physical and emotional needs.

Toddlers (separate from Twos)Covenant Schools provides a separate program with its own developmentally appropriate play area to meet the unique needs of your toddler.

Two Year Olds: Covenant School’s Two year old classroom is multi-sensory and will provide your child with a variety of learning experiences.  Your child’s teachers will help your child develop self control, co-operation and communication skills.

Pre-K Advanced

Advanced Pre-K graduates ready for Kindergarten!

Preschool Beginners Program: The Covenant School Preschool beginners program is for your child who is at least 30 months of age and potty trained. Covenant School preschool teachers will evaluate your child’s educational needs and learning abilities and will tailor play activities and educational curriculum to provide your child with a well rounded experience.

Pre-kindergarten Advance Program: The Covenant School Pre-Kindergarten Advanced program will help your child acquire the education and skills they will need in kindergarten and beyond.

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