Our family chose Covenant School in 2005 at the recommendation of friends who had a child attending Covenant at the time. We did NOT “shop” schools or interview various settings – we knew the moment we walked through the doors at Covenant that this would be our home!

Our son began at Covenant when he was 11 months old. When we were able to begin his Covenant education we were welcomed with open arms, loving caregivers and a perfect environment for our preemie! He thrived from day one. The care providers in the infant room patiently listened to our “1st time parent” concerns, appreciated our worries and told us about every step of his day from moment to moment!

Our second child, a daughter, began at Covenant at 3 months old. And again, we have watched her thrive, develop and grow in the nurturing environment that is like family to us. That said, Covenant is one big group of Grandma’s, Aunt’s and Uncle’s greeting them with love, encouraging our children, engaging with them, empowering them and teaching them!

Relationships. Bottom line. The relationships we have built will last a lifetime. The care givers, teachers,staff and kitchen workers at Covenant are not faces we pass and smile at daily to be courteous; these are relationships that impact our lives daily.

Our son began Kindergarten four years ago after graduating from Covenant. We were not fully aware of the impact of his education at Covenant and what he had learned until the first Parent Teacher Conference when his teacher told us about him excelling in class and that he was being referred to the Gifted Program for Evaluation. He tested well and today spends as much time in a Gifted learning setting as he does in his regular classroom. Thanks in large part to Covenant!

From The Limon Family

When we took the original tour we were impressed with the structure of the school. Coming from a loving home day care provider to a large “Day Care” did scare us, we were expecting children running, screaming, just playing, and what we saw and observed was an actual school setting designed for children ages 1-5. We were given the day-to-day schedules for each age group and explained the details of the day-to-day operations of Covenant. We were impressed with the longevity of the Covenant employees and the benefits they receive; this was an excellent indication that Covenant is dedicated to the well-being of their employees.

Our children started when they were two and three. Since starting, the employees and staff have made our entire family feel welcomed. All the staff greets everyone as they pass through the halls.

Our children have developed great social interaction skills. The education they receive is well balanced and the extra activities that covenant offers helps their growth and is flexible with our time. They have our children excited about learning. Everyday our girls come home with new things they have learned, whether it be the blends, songs, a new scripture or the responsibility of the class pets, they are excited to learn.

I would recommend Covenant to anyone who is looking for a clean, structured, friendly, well-balanced, healthy, and most importantly, safe pre-school for their child(ren). The security of the facility is top notch too.

From The Callas Family

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