Dear Covenant School Team,
Thank you for being an excellent preschool, the best one I have ever used for our daughter. You teach our kids to love the Lord and know his love for them. Thank you for serving families in town and diligently caring for our little ones and helping parents raise them in the word wisdom of the lord!

By the B Family

The teachers, management and ownership of Covenant is absolutely phenomenal. My daughter has attended Covenant for 3 years (since she was 6 months old). She has thrived, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We could not be more happy with the school. It has been an unequivocal Godsend.

By Keira Conine

We visited over 5 different daycare locations for our child before we found covenant through a friend. The second we walked in, I knew it was the right place. There was light music playing, friendly staff, and essential oils in the air. I was astounded with how calm the children were in each classroom and how they listened to the teachers. Our children have not only learned their colors, letters, and numbers but they’ve also learned about the Bible, Jesus, and how to live a Godly life. They’ve always been so flexible with schedules and accommodating last minute changes. The staff and teachers have become part of our family and I appreciate sending my kids to a school where I know they’ll be taken care of like their own children.

By The Martinez Family

Covenant Del Norte has given our son an excellent, Christian-centered education since he was an infant. Everyone has been wonderful. We are very fortunate to have our son enrolled here.

By Ira Jack Saunders

First off I want to say how absolutely amazing and wonderful all of you are. I can’t tell you guys how much it means to have such an amazing staff where every person knows my child’s name. Every person is so knowledgeable and understanding of who she is as a person and her temperament. Knowing she is always cared for. The fact she knows sign language makes my life easier to communicate with my infant and continues to learn from every person on the staff.

By Stephanie Gonzales

We’re very happy with the teachers and staff at Covenant Rio Rancho. Our children have attended since they were 1 year old to pre-K. The school has provided a safe and friendly environment. My children are also happy with their classrooms and we love the Christian teachings and Chapel. We would definitely recommend this school for your little ones.

By Lynda and Kevin Nelson

When we had our daughter 3 years ago I was so nervous sending her to daycare. Since 6 wks old she has grown so much not even 3 yet and she can count in Spanish and know all her colors and songs. Now that we have had our son who is almost a year we are so blessed to have them both in this school. They both love their teachers and I have friends who teachers here. You guys are so amazing and I can’t wait to see our kids grow.

By Mr. and Mrs. Fleming

I’ve had two kids and ready to send my third to Covenant. Covenant has watched over my girls since they were 3 months old through preschool and I know it’s because of Covenant that they are growing up with the foundation to be successful in whatever they are doing. They teach more than the ABCs. They teach love for yourself and others through their Christian centered curriculum. Specially these last two years I am so thankful that I have a safe place to send my children that I know mentally and physically they will be cared for.

By BreAnn Thorpe

Covenant has helped my daughter become confident in her reading, writing, and speaking skills. She is excited to come home and tell us everything she learns. She now makes sure we are always praying and learning about the bible verses that she is learning every day. We just love how happy she always is now with school!

My son had a late start to talking and communicating. It is amazing to see how quickly he learned how to talk, eat, and picked up simple skills so quickly. The staff is so patient and kind. They are always amazing and helpful.

By Hinkle Family

Best daycare of the rio rancho area. The teachers and staff are amazing. my husband and I have been bring out
daughter there since 6 wks old and she has so many friends. Shout outs as far as her favorite teachers are candis and
felicia. You wont regret it.

By Samantha F.

Love love Covenant!! Always teaching my daughter that she is important!!

By BreAnn T.

Everyone at Covenant is so great. They all know my kids by name, regardless if they teach their class or not. They
are one of the only daycares in the area that take kids part time as well, which is exactly what I need. They can
typically honor my request to add extra days periodically which is super helpful for my busy schedule. I cant say
enough good things about our experience with Covenant Schools in Rio Rancho.

By Gretchen K.

My husband and I have been absolutely thrilled with our experience at Covenant of Rio Rancho. The teachers
provide such a loving and nurturing environment for my boys. I have been very pleased with the curriculum at the
school, and feel very confident that the education provided to my 5 y/o will make him more than ready to start
kindergarten. Covenant, thank you for all that you have done for my boys. We adore you all.

By Kyle R.

We have sent our three youngest children to Covenant. I have nothing but positive things to say about Covenant. I
saw substantial growth with each child. When the first two children left Covenant for grade school, they were well
prepared. I would recommend Covenant to anyone considering pre-school for their children.

By Chance B.

My son went here two years starting at age 2. He did great. He loved the school. I love the curriculum and the
teachers are caring and great. We love the management. They work hard to make sure they do above & beyond
for the children entrusted into their care. I would recommend to anyone!

By Meghan C.

We really love Covenant Schools! Both of my children have been here since they were 12 weeks old, and we adore
them. The teachers and staff all really care about each kid. The Director is always there to talk to as well. Everyone
has open communication, there is even an app to communicate with parents all day, including logging food, naps,
diaper changes, and pictures. We toured some of the national chains before selecting Covenant, and they were still
documenting on paper. It was great as a mom leaving her baby for the first time, I could message the teachers and
ask for pictures of my kids as often as I needed. We also love the faith based culture. This seems to add another level
of care for the children, plus our children get to live and learn about God regularly. The facilities are always clean
and welcoming. It doesn’t stink like many other daycare facilities out there. They have also adjusted nicely to Covid,
putting specific processes in place as a precaution.I can’t say enough great things about Covenant Schools! We are
so happy to have our kids there, and our kids live it more than we do.

By Madison B.

Our family chose Covenant School in 2005 at the recommendation of friends who had a child attending Covenant at the time. We did NOT “shop” schools or interview various settings – we knew the moment we walked through the doors at Covenant that this would be our home!

Our son began at Covenant when he was 11 months old. When we were able to begin his Covenant education we were welcomed with open arms, loving caregivers and a perfect environment for our preemie! He thrived from day one. The care providers in the infant room patiently listened to our “1st time parent” concerns, appreciated our worries and told us about every step of his day from moment to moment!

Our second child, a daughter, began at Covenant at 3 months old. And again, we have watched her thrive, develop and grow in the nurturing environment that is like family to us. That said, Covenant is one big group of Grandma’s, Aunt’s and Uncle’s greeting them with love, encouraging our children, engaging with them, empowering them and teaching them!

Relationships. Bottom line. The relationships we have built will last a lifetime. The care givers, teachers,staff and kitchen workers at Covenant are not faces we pass and smile at daily to be courteous; these are relationships that impact our lives daily.

Our son began Kindergarten four years ago after graduating from Covenant. We were not fully aware of the impact of his education at Covenant and what he had learned until the first Parent Teacher Conference when his teacher told us about him excelling in class and that he was being referred to the Gifted Program for Evaluation. He tested well and today spends as much time in a Gifted learning setting as he does in his regular classroom. Thanks in large part to Covenant!

By The Limon Family

When we took the original tour we were impressed with the structure of the school. Coming from a loving home day care provider to a large “Day Care” did scare us, we were expecting children running, screaming, just playing, and what we saw and observed was an actual school setting designed for children ages 1-5. We were given the day-to-day schedules for each age group and explained the details of the day-to-day operations of Covenant. We were impressed with the longevity of the Covenant employees and the benefits they receive; this was an excellent indication that Covenant is dedicated to the well-being of their employees.

Our children started when they were two and three. Since starting, the employees and staff have made our entire family feel welcomed. All the staff greets everyone as they pass through the halls.

Our children have developed great social interaction skills. The education they receive is well balanced and the extra activities that covenant offers helps their growth and is flexible with our time. They have our children excited about learning. Everyday our girls come home with new things they have learned, whether it be the blends, songs, a new scripture or the responsibility of the class pets, they are excited to learn.

I would recommend Covenant to anyone who is looking for a clean, structured, friendly, well-balanced, healthy, and most importantly, safe pre-school for their child(ren). The security of the facility is top notch too.

By The Callas Family

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