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While parents work, most American children under six years old participate in care outside the home. Many children will spend more than 10,000 hours in a child development center, with most of that time being awake. A childcare facility must be designed to provide safe, stimulating environments essential for nurturing the healthy development of children.

Childcare development centers should emphasize child growth and development. Covenant Schools provides the highest quality of care to accommodate a range of play and organized learning. We serve the needs of adult staff and parents while facilitating staff-child relationships.



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What Makes a Good Childcare Center?

Childcare Development Centers contain a variety of space types depending on their intended use, the age of the children, the number of children, and the setting for the childcare center. Space types may include the following:

  • Child-friendly restrooms and classrooms
  • Meeting space for children and their adults
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Staff office or meeting room
  • Nurse or clinic
  • Kitchen space
  • Storage space

At Covenant Schools, we seek to be a childcare center where children can:

  • Relax and be themselves
  • Have ample light in classrooms
  • Have a sense of arrival and welcome upon entrance
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Find places for different kinds of learning
  • Play using different furnishings and environments

We have designed our spaces for children. Covenant Schools provides spaces with:

  • Appropriately sized furniture for each age group
  • Doors, sinks, toilets, and water fountains mounted at appropriate heights
  • Places to have quiet time while still being supervised
  • Areas to play in natural elements such as sunlight
  • Places for large motor activities such as climbing, running, and jumping
  • The ability to be rearranged by children for their activities
  • Windows at children’s level

At Covenant Schools, our childcare development center allows children to:

  • Set their own pace
  • Choose toys and activities
  • Collaborate with friends or work alone
  • Engage in activities promoting motor skills
  • Practice patience during sit-down activities
  • Create three-dimensional projects that are protected from destruction by everyday traffic through classroom space
  • Independently take care of hunger, thirst, using the toilet, and sleep

Our Center is Secure, Safe, and Clean

At Covenant Schools, we train our staff with strategies that ensure safety, security, and cleanliness.


Our buildings are designed with your child’s security in mind. Our buildings and washing facilities receive proper maintenance on a regular schedule with only non-toxic materials. Both our Rio Rancho and North East Heights Albuquerque childcare development centers are spacious, incorporating an open line-of-sight design.

We strive to maintain a structured school day to give children the security of knowing what to expect each and every day. We also prepare the children for the unexpected by practicing fire drills and all other emergency procedures. In addition to providing a safe environment for your child, attention is paid to ensuring good indoor air quality.

All staff is carefully screened with a thorough background check. All staff members are also certified in Infant and Pediatric CPR and First Aid. Pre-employment drug tests and random drug tests throughout the year are mandatory.


At Covenant Schools, our buildings are locked for the safety of our students and staff. To drop off your child, we have a secured entrance and computer check-in process. You will need to enter a unique parent code before we open the security door for you to take your child to or from their classroom. This allows us to know exactly who is dropping off and picking up your child every single day.

Active cameras are installed at all points of entry. All outer doors are locked and have an alarm to let us know if and when they are opened. Anyone at our childcare development center will not have unmonitored access to any classroom, building, or child. Our promise is to provide an environment where your child is learning, loved, and safe.


Cleanliness is a top priority at Covenant Schools’ childcare development centers in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. We are committed to doing our part to keep your child healthy by maintaining a sanitary, orderly environment for your child.

Part of our strict cleanliness procedures includes properly sanitizing toys each night. We teach children proper hygiene to prevent the spread of illness and disease, in addition to keeping our facilities above state standards for effective infection control.

Making sure your child is safe while in our childcare development center is of the highest importance at Covenant Schools.

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