Toddler Program

Our programs meet the unique needs of your toddlers and two-year-olds!

We provide separate programs to meet the unique needs of toddlers and two-year-olds. Covenant Schools considers toddlers to be those walking children who are between thirteen months and two years of age.

Toddler care involves many of the same care needs as infants when it comes to being held, comforted frequently, cuddled and in forming a strong bond with caregivers, as with other toddlers.

Two-year-olds are active, curious and becoming more independent. We utilize a multi-sensory curriculum to provide a variety of learning experiences that help your child develop self-control, co-operation and communication skills. Potty training is also part of the two-year-old’s day.

Our child care program for toddlers and twos enjoy curriculums which are specifically designed to encourage social, emotional, language and motor development skills. Routine tasks, like diapering and eating, are used to interact with toddlers and two-year-olds and are made into learning and sharing experiences.

These child care programs are carefully planned to meet the needs of children who are coming together for the first time. It’s fun and exciting and consists of four major activity areas:

  • Language Development
  • Creative Expression and Exploration
  • Music and Movement/Large Motor Skill Activities
  • Manipulative/Small Motor Skills
Toddler Care



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Toddler Program

Developmental care for toddlers starts with providing for their basic needs of health, safety, cleanliness, security and good nutrition. As we provide care for your child, we work closely with you as a strong supportive partner.

Our toddlers have their own developmentally appropriate play area where they can increase their independence.

A toddler’s curiosity is boundless as they investigate everything within reach. They are constantly striving to learn as much as possible about the world around them, through exploration and discovery.

It is our responsibility to assist and encourage them in this important task and see that we don’t limit this natural process. This is a time of tremendous learning. Studies confirm the importance of this development that precedes language fluency. Indeed, your child’s introduction to learning can affect both the desire and the ability to acquire knowledge in the future.

Careful planning helps this age group make appropriate choices. A variety of small and large motor toys are provided to help develop muscles. These toys also help young children to learn to share with others and develop a sense of responsibility and imagination.

Two-Year-Old Program

Teaching children under the age of three is a wonderful challenge because they love to test the world around them and will vacillate between wanting to be close and wanting to be autonomous.

Teachers of two-year-olds become one of the group, playing and interacting with children to guide them in their attempts at socializing with peers and model appropriate use of material. Two-year-olds have their own distinct needs and abilities. They are rapidly acquiring language, so their day will consist of chants, rhymes, songs and simple Bible stories.

The children learn to recite numbers from 1 to 10 and recite the alphabet. They are exposed to flash cards with pictures and words to help them recognize letters. They also participate in drills on colors and shapes, and of course, learn the importance of prayer before meals.

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