Infants Daycare

Providing developmental infant care for your baby!

Infants Daycare

We love babies at
Covenant Schools!

Covenant Schools specializes in the highest quality, developmental infant child care in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and the surrounding area.

Developmental care starts with a solid foundation of taking care of your child’s basic physical and emotional needs; it goes on to help develop the mind as well as the body at a time when your child is developing more rapidly than at any other period of their life.

At Covenant Schools, paying meticulous attention to your baby’s physical and emotional needs through our Albuquerque infant care includes:

  • Your child’s health, safety and cleanliness is our number one priority, which includes CPR and First Aid training for all of our child care providers.
  • Babies are cared for in a room separate from toddlers.
  • Our ratio of caregivers is carefully monitored to be below licensing requirements.
  • Daily verbal and written communication about your baby’s day is an essential part of our commitment to you.
  • We, of course, have an open-door policy where parents are invited to visit, unannounced at any time. We encourage nursing mothers to set up an in-person feeding schedule.
  • While attending to your child’s physical and emotional comfort, our child care providers also nurture your baby’s process of learning encouraging the delight your child has in each new skill discovered!

Covenants’ Enrichment Program

Our Enrichment Program consists of a series of activities that are designed to nurture your baby’s emotional needs as well as stimulate their physical, cognitive and language development.

Infant Care

We help your infant grow and explore!

Infants experience the world through their senses and motor activity. They suck on their fingers, shake a rattle, watch an interesting sight. They experiment to see what happens when they bang on a pot or tear up a piece of paper.

All of these activities help them develop early concepts about cause-and-effect and spatial relationships. These activities also help them acquire information about the world that some objects feel soft, others feel hard, some taste good, others do not.

Children grow more rapidly when they are infants and toddlers than any other period of life. Fine motor skills also begin to develop. As control improves, infants learn to use a spoon and cup evidence of their growing independence.

Our infant care givers are specially trained to provide your baby with a nurturing environment that gives them the opportunity to grow and learn and gives you peace-of-mind. Caregiver interaction is the most crucial factor affecting the development of your child.

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