Preschool Beginners Class

Grow with Our Preschool Program Beginners Class!

Preschool Program

Covenant Schools prepares your child for the next step!

Our Preschool beginner program is designed for children who are at least 30 months of age and potty trained.

Children entering our preschool program for the first time start in our Beginner class so they can get acquainted with our program and the way the school day runs. Children within our program must be recommended by the teacher of the two-year-olds before moving up to the beginner preschool class.

This curriculum has been developed to teach and prepare children to begin to learn the foundations of letters and sounds that will prepare them to read. Using a proven, simple, logical phonics system, children in the Beginners Class can learn to read.

Your child begins by mastering the vowels and consonants and their sounds through enjoyable classroom teaching. Forming blends and reading simple words comes naturally after that with the foundation of our phonics-based curriculum.

Children learn to recognize and understand the concepts of math. By the end of the year, they will be able to count 1 through 100, recognize 1 through 20, distinguish before and after numbers and answer simple combinations.

Children will be introduced to computer literacy with fun programs on language, math and phonics. Our child care programs have plenty of variety to engage every child!

Preschool Beginner Program

Hooray for music time!

Music is a very fun and enjoyable part of the day. As well as learning new songs, records and cassette tapes, children will be introduced to various musical instruments.

Poetry and finger plays are used to teach basic literature skills and to aid in the development of fine motor skills. Teachers help children listen for rhyming words and help them let the words draw a picture in their mind.

We introduce children to Spanish in a curriculum with songs, numbers, words and colors. Basic sign language is also taught to children throughout the course of the day.

The children will make poems and children’s rhymes come alive as they are acted out with simple props and costumes and finger play.

During Art, the children enjoy creative art projects, which include coloring, cutting, gluing and painting. These skills aid in the development of small muscle coordination, creativity and imagination.

Activity time involves a number of fun activities, including Show and Tell, Circle Time, Table Tops and Play Time. Children are able to express themselves and develop their language skills.

Children also get to spend time running around and getting fresh air during outdoor play time. Our daycare’s playground is filled with developmentally-appropriate toys and equipment so children can continue to explore and learn in a safe environment.

The children will participate in Bible Stories and learn to recite Psalm 23, The Lord’s Prayer and the Ten Commandments. This will teach children good character principles and Bible truths.

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