ABEKA Curriculum

Covenant Schools is proud to educate your children using the ABEKA Curriculum. Throughout your child’s education, they will improve their intellectual fortitude, moral leadership, and spiritual self, using the Christian-based teaching methods provided by the ABEKA Curriculum.

Making a choice regarding your child’s education is an important one because the foundation of their education is the most important phase of their learning journey. For two to five years after your child is born, they are most inclined to learn new information and skills. What makes the ABEKA Curriculum unique is the ability of the curriculum to adapt to specific age groups.

Your child will receive a learning curriculum that is tailored to their specific age. If your child is in the age range of two to three, then they have an exclusive set of cognitive and motor skills that the Abeka curriculum tailors lessons around. It is essential your child learns at the pace most comfortable to them, a momentum that is developmentally age-appropriate.

The following are examples of topics your child will start to familiarize themselves with at the start of their ABEKA Curriculum:

  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Matching spoken sounds to letters in the Alphabet
  • Learning about numbers
  • Engaging in art projects

The following are examples of ways these topics will be introduced to them:

  • Involved age-appropriate lesson time
  • Literature paired with fine and gross skills
  • Singing, learning songs, poems, and fingerplays

As your child progresses through the ABEKA Curriculum they will begin to recognize phonemic sounds, shapes, numbers, letters, and colors. They will further develop their listening skills in a group environment. They will advance their hand-eye coordination and their language development.

Four or five-year-olds will have a comprehensive learning curriculum. The pre-Kindergarten curriculum acts as preparation for children moving into elementary school.

Your preschool student is taught topics to familiarize themselves with the continuation of the ABEKA Curriculum. These topics are as follows:

  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Language Arts, which includes sounds of letters, reading, and writing
  • Math and Numbers
  • Science and Health
  • Social Studies and Community Helpers
  • Fine Arts

What sets apart the ABEKA Curriculum from other school curriculums is the reinforcement of learning that has already been achieved. If you notice in the examples above, they are similar to the topics discussed in regards to two to three-year-olds but have been slightly advanced for a higher age group. This means that your child will be refreshed on topics they learned previously, in order to continue in the learning process and develop new skills.

Your child’s highly experienced teacher will create Curriculum Lesson Plans. ABEKA provides a teacher curriculum guide, copies of student textbooks for teachers, as well as games and activities that can be implemented throughout the lesson plan.

If you want your child to have the best opportunity to gain mastery in age-appropriate topics and attain that mastery, while in a Christian-based learning environment, then the ABEKA Curriculum at Covenant Schools is your best choice moving forward in your child’s spiritual and intellectual education.



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What Method of Learning is the ABEKA Curriculum Based On?

Reinforcing your child’s education is the most important aspect in ensuring they gain mastery over a certain topic. It has been reported that children of preschool age to elementary school age forget up to fifty percent of what they learn after they move on to a different topic. The ABEKA Curriculum has a research-based way to solve this problem.

The solution to the problem is what is known as Spiral Learning. Spiral learning is based on the repetition of topics already learned, repeatedly emphasizing these topics in new ways, and advancing each topic of discussion to the next level of your child’s education. When your child comes home and forgets what they learned at school, you as their parent have another chance to ask them every single day because topics are repeatedly being taught, without being repetitive and monotonous.

As your child ages and progresses through their education, they will advance their knowledge and strengthen their skills.

Why Choose the ABEKA Curriculum for Your Child’s Education?

The ABEKA Curriculum is based on years of extensive studies and research on scholastic requirements, academic trends, and standard testing. Topics are evaluated for Preschool through Grade 12 education in terms of age-appropriateness and educational standards.

All of the ABEKA Curriculum’s textbooks are written and edited by Educators with long-term experience in Christian Education. The research dedicated to your children is ongoing and progressing, just like the ABEKA Curriculum itself.

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