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According to Arthur Kozel of MIT, national reading levels have declined so low that now 3/4 of today’s high school students cannot read a newspaper, fill out job applications or be considered functionally literate. Covenant Schools takes these dismal statistics to heart as we strive to give our students every advantage for success in life by providing a firm base for reading and growing in academic ability.

At Covenant Schools, reading literally begins at age two. Young children are taught a very special type of phonics, so as they learn to speak, they also learn to read! Every child at our preschool attends specialized reading circles. Here, they are taught how to read phonetically.

Each circle emphasizes a particular aspect of reading. As they master the skills taught in one circle they advance to the next level. This highly successful method enables each child to progress at an individually established pace.

A typical Covenant Schools preschoolers will read before they enter kindergarten. As a matter of fact, the average Covenant Schools kindergarten graduate reads at the 2nd grade level. Covenant Schools understands the potential of your child and we strive to develop important literacy skills at an early age. Our program generates equally powerful results in the areas of Math and Character.



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Christian Focus:

At Covenant Schools we are so much more than child care. We believe in maximizing a child’s early years with child development enrichment programs. As a New Mexico Christian school, we believe that it is of the utmost importance to teach Biblical truths, values and principles to children at an early age. A strong Biblical understanding not only promotes Godly character and Christian living, but serves as a foundation on which to build an early love of learning.

The A Beka curriculum we use helps us accomplish our goal of providing an exceptional early education to our students. A Beka utilizes a systematic approach to learning the Bible; Old and New Testament stories are taught to young children who gradually advance to learning about the deeper spiritual truths of the Gospels and epistles. Our teachers are committed to teaching these basic Bible truths throughout the day with stories, activities and projects.

Not only are children read Bible stories, taught basic passages of Scripture and provided with solid pre-reading training, but children are taught to read using A Beka’s proven phonics-based reading program. A Beka books spark children’s imaginations and promotes Christian values.

By providing children with sound Bible teachings and giving them a safe and nurturing place to grow and learn, children advance in independence, faith and academic ability at Covenant Schools.

Character Development:

Covenant Schools operates on the proven, scientific premise that educational outlook and character are formed, for the most part, by the time a child is six years old.

Our program is designed to maximize and leverage your child’s critical years like no other. We utilize a proven system for teaching the values of the Ten Commandments, the security of the 23rd Psalm and the soaring goals of the Lord’s Prayer.

Our program is not a religious organization and does not teach church doctrine. We leave the discussion of church matters to you as a parent.

Our goal is to help you by laying a strong foundation for positive character development.

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