Physical Education & Dance

P. E. also means Pure Enjoyment!

Physical Education

Creating smiles and giggles!

The first objective of physical education is that your child have fun. Secondly, your child improves in learning more of what P.E. is all about.  They will be introduced to basic techniques such as proper running, kicking, throwing and catching. This helps also improve hand-eye coordination.

Studies show that a child who participates in P.E. listens and has an easier time focusing in class. The basic methods of P.E. that are instilled at Covenant Schools help your child learn and prepare for everyday things such as running, walking and cooperating with friends and family.

Your child will learn through instruction and redirection.  By the end of the year your child will be excited about P.E. and want to continue in sports of some sort.

For the toddlers and twos, the goal of P.E. is simply to help them with their motor skill development. For the 3’s and 4’s the goal is to help prepare them for activities that everyday life can give us, as well as establish a healthy lifestyle of how and what to eat and what to do to continue to live healthy and happy.

For everyone involved at Covenant Schools, Physical Education helps reinforce the knowledge that the fun and joy of exercise can be enjoyed at every age!

Kids Love to Dance Program:

Dance Program

Let’s dance, twist and spin!

Kids Love to Dance is an added service for boys and girls ages 2½ – 6.

If enrolled, once a week your child will:

  • Participate in a fun-filled dance and gymnastics class.
  • Develop dance motor skills that improve coordination and self confidence.
  • Learn gymnastics that build strength, balance and control.
  • Be creative through mime, dancing songs, and creative movement.
  • Show excitement as they learn rhythm using musical instruments and creative props.
  • Love to show you and your family what they have learned at the end of the term performance.

Come see the difference at Covenant Schools!

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