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Ms. Hannah – Director

Covenant Schools

Ms. Hannah

Ms. Hannah has worked with Covenant Schools since 2007. She uses her degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management to lead the staff at Covenant Schools Rio Rancho and to ensure that your children are provided with the highest quality of care. Ms. Hannah is passionate in her work and supports the teachers in giving your child a positive, Christian foundation for their education and for their lives. She strives to create a harmonious environment based on teamwork and encouragement to give your child a positive preschool experience.

Ms. Veronica, Ms Tiffany and Ms. RoseAnn – Infants

Ms. Sarah, Ms. Melanie and Ms. Melissa — Infant/Toddlers

These dynamic teachers set an environment in the infant rooms at Covenant School that meet the individual needs of each infant. A typical day in their care varies according to each infant’s individual schedule. The teachers’ care is gentle and heartfelt. The Covenant School infant teachers are experienced, attentive to details, patient and give each infant the love and nurturing they need.

Ms. Mica – Toddlers A

Ms. Lisa

Ms. Mica

Ms Mica is passionate about educating and nurturing young children and teaching them about Jesus. Ms. Mica is creative and enjoys planning fun, sensory and art-based projects for the toddlers. Ms. Mica has been working with Covenant Schools since 2016 and is currently pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education

Ms. Lisa – Toddlers B

Ms. Lisa

Ms. Lisa

Ms. Lisa has been teaching at Covenant Schools since 2010 and is currently pursuing her degree in Early Children Education. She creates an experienced and loving environment. When children come to Ms. Lisa’s classroom, they will find it to be structured around a lot of love and a variety of activities that enable toddlers to progress developmentally.

Ms. Celina—Toddlers B

Ms. Lisa

Ms. Celina

Ms. Celina has been working at Covenant Schools since 2015. She exudes love to all of the children in her classroom and makes the students feel at home. Ms. Celina loves to stimulate the students by planning sensory and art activities throughout the day. She communicates with the children on their level and loves to teach them how to communicate verbally and with sign language.

Ms. Kaylyn – Two A

Covenant Schools

Ms. Kaylyn

Ms. Kaylyn is an excellent teacher and has been with Covenant Schools since 2016. She has her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood and uses this degree to give her students an exceptional education. Throughout the year, Ms. Kaylyn will use a balance of play and curriculum to teach the children shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.

Ms. Jenessa – Two B

Covenant Schools

Ms. Jenessa

Ms. Jenessa has been working with Covenant Schools since 2015. She enjoys teaching the children the foundational academics they need as a stepping stone for their education. Ms. Jenessa ensures that the children have a balance of structure and creative play in the classroom while they learn about shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.

Ms. Felicia P – Pre K Advanced B 

Covenant Schools

Ms. Felicia

Ms. Felicia P. has been working in Early Childhood since 2010 and at Covenant School since 2016. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently working toward her master’s degree. Ms. Felicia is innovative in her classroom and plans fun activities that teach the children about Jesus, language development, Spanish, sign language, and phonics.

Ms. Sandra – Preschool Beginner B

Ms. Sandra

Ms. Sandra

Ms. Sandra has over 30 years of experience in Early Childhood. She has been with Covenant Schools since the beginning. Ms. Sandra teaches language development, phonics, Spanish and sign language with a passion to help the children develop a strong spiritual foundation. She is currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education and is very dedicated to providing the children with a well-rounded education and has created a dynamic and interactive classroom firmly rooted in the power of God’s Word.

Ms. Kira – Pre K Advanced A

Ms. Kira

Ms. Kira

Ms. Kira has been an educator for Covenant Schools since the beginning of 2010. Ms. Kira is currently studying at UNM and double majoring with a Business and Early Childhood Degree. To provide students with a firm foundation for elementary school, Ms. Kira teaches language development, phonics, math, science, Spanish and Bible. Ms. Kira’s students are excited about learning and are given a solid foundation for future educational advancement.

Mr. Ryan – Pre K Advanced A

Covenant Schools

Mr. Ryan

Mr. Ryan has been working with Covenant Schools since 2013 and is currently working toward his degree in Education with a concentration in Science. He uses his education to teach his students about science and the amazing world that God has created. Mr. Ryan believes that learning should be fun and uses videos, songs, and interactive activities to ensure that each child is absorbing the lesson.

Ms. Felicia G – Pre K Advanced B

Covenant Schools Teacher Ms. Felicia

Ms. Felicia

Ms. Felicia G. has been involved in professional child care for over 15 years. Ms. Felicia has been able to form lasting bonds with children and parents since she began her career at Covenant Schools Rio Rancho in 2003. Ms. Felicia is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She believes routine and structure are of utmost importance for children of this age as it creates a sense of trust and security. Ms. Felicia thoroughly teaches the A Beka curriculum and has had great testimony of success with each student in her classroom.

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