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The Purpose of Early Childhood Education and Why It’s So Important

Early Childhood Education Albuquerque

Most adults only start thinking about early childhood education when they themselves or someone they know has a child. You might remember your preschool days fondly, but all you can recall are playing games with friends, singing songs, and taking naps on the floor. It’s easy to see these activities simply as ways to keep kids busy, but educators know that young children learn best through play. Starting early sets them up for success in life and school down the road.

Early childhood education is an umbrella term to describe all educational programs and experiences that children have from birth until age five. This includes both formal learning environments like preschools and daycares, as well as informal settings such as the home or community. Children at these ages depend on the adults in their lives, including parents, guardians, babysitters, educators, and extended family members.

Early childhood education also involves a wide range of activities that promote and develop a child’s cognitive and social skills before going to kindergarten. Though some only see early education as playtime, it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Many still hold the belief that learning only truly begins in kindergarten, when in reality, young children are incredibly impressionable, with minds that are malleable and constantly learning and absorbing all the information, experiences, and interactions that occur around them. At this age, children are wired to observe, experiment, and explore.

What Is the Purpose of Early Childhood Education?

In simple terms, its purpose is to equip children with strategies that will help them develop the social, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary to be lifelong learners. Here are some of the most important skills for young children to learn:

Language and literacy

The foundation of literacy skills is provided through language. In learning to communicate with others through words, sounds, and gestures, children can increase their interest in – and later understanding of – reading and books.


All children have a need to understand how the things around them work. Every day, they use problem-solving skills and begin to understand math concepts that will be needed in school, such as sorting and counting.


In order to be successful in school and in later life, children must learn to appropriately manage and express their emotions. This aids in helping children cope with stress or frustration, resolve conflict, and cooperate with others.

Self-esteem and Confidence

Children are more likely and willing to face challenges and overcome obstacles when they feel confident and believe in themselves. These traits are vital in navigating social challenges like sharing, making friends, and competition.

Early childhood education programs in Albuquerque, such as that of Covenant Schools, aim to encourage young children to learn about themselves and the world through experiences. Activities like cooperative and individual playtimes, indoor and outdoor play, and sensory or constructive play, all help children to achieve this.

Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

Children’s brains experience the most and fasted growth within the first five years of their lives, doubling by their first birthday, and almost reaching full growth by age five. Because of this developmental window, these early years are critical.

Research has also shown that high-quality early childhood education programs can positively affect the lives of children in the long term. Children in these programs are:

  • More likely to advance to the next grade (less likely to repeat a grade)
  • Better prepared academically for grades later on
  • More likely to graduate from high school
  • More likely to earn higher wages in their future careers

Covenant Schools Is the Top Choice for Early Childhood Education!

If you’re looking for early childhood education in Albuquerque, Covenant Schools is your answer. Our programs are dynamic, enriching, and carefully curated. A typical day at our school will involve stimulating and fun activities that incorporate art, books, songs, games, social experiences, and Christian teachings.

Our staff truly cares about your children and will provide them with the best care and support possible. If you’d like to schedule a tour to see our facility, contact us today!


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