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The Importance of a Day Care in Albuquerque for Children’s Development

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With studies revealing the link between high-quality child care centers and social and emotional wellbeing, it is important for parents to enroll their children in daycare in Albuquerque that allows for optimal growth and development.

3 Qualities for Look for in a Great Day Care in Albuquerque

Daycare offers an excellent opportunity for children to learn amongst their peers in preparation for school. Here are 3 qualities to look out for when choosing a high-quality daycare center:

#1: Ample Outdoor Time

Spending time outdoors in the sunshine is great for boosting your child’s physical and mental health. Daycare centers with playgrounds and outdoor activities offer fun outlets for your children to get fresh air and explore the scenery around them.

#2: A Wide Range of Learning Opportunities

Since daycare is often the precursor to preschool and pre-kindergarten, it is always a good idea to find one that has a wide range of learning opportunities. This ensures that your child will be on track with their knowledge and development in time for school. Some of the best types of learning in this stage of life include arts and crafts, technology, poetry, and music.

#3: Fitness and Movement

In order to give your child a safe space to release energy and start forming habits of a healthy lifestyle, it is important to look for a daycare that prioritizes movement and fitness. P.E. classes with team sports activities also allow children to build friendships and collaborate with their peers.


Lucky for you, all of these features are available at Covenant Schools daycare center in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

Sign Up for Albuquerque Daycare Services at Covenant Schools Today

Whether your child is ready for daycare, preschool, or pre-kindergarten, Covenant Schools offers high-quality child care through a Christian lens. To see if Covenant Schools is the right fit daycare for your family, Albuquerque parents can schedule a tour today!


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