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Day care Albuquerque | Covenant Schools’ Top 3 Tips for Children with Food Allergies

A preschooler with a big grey backpack holding his Father’s hand.

At Covenant Schools, the highest-quality day care Albuquerque has to offer, our families trust us to provide healthy, well-balanced meals. But if your child has severe food allergies, it can be overwhelming to prepare your child and their teachers for this challenge.

Here are our top 3 tips to help you safely get ready for snack and lunchtime.

Create Partnerships in Day care

Communicate clearly with your day care team about your child’s allergy and create a team partnership. Be proactive in making connections and getting to know each team member to help give your child a stronger sense of safety and security.

Share Food Allergy Related Resources

Create a printed checklist or reminder with a list of specific foods they cannot have or must have. This list should also have noted signs and symptoms, your primary doctor’s phone number, and the location of an EpiPen, if applicable.

If your child is non- or pre-verbal, show how they might try to communicate a potential allergic reaction. Attach this visual tool to their lunch box, jacket, or backpack.

Be Prepared in Case of an Allergic Reaction

Prepare teachers and care staff for signs and symptoms to look out for. Educate staff on what will happen when the child experiences an allergic reaction and how those symptoms progress without treatment. Make sure all staff have been trained to use an EpiPen, if prescribed.

Covenant Schools, the Day care Albuquerque Loves!

Our warm and highly experienced staff love what they do and are dedicated to providing a safe environment for your child. Call our team today and feel confident in your child’s care! As the proud recipient of many local awards and national accreditations, Covenant Schools delivers the highest quality day care Albuquerque has to offer.


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