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Child care Albuquerque: Covenant Schools’ Top 3 Tips for the First Day

A Two-year-old eating a red apple with both hands.

Starting at a new school can be intimidating, but choosing the best child care Albuquerque has to offer is a good start! Here are Covenant Schools’ top 3 tips to help you prepare your child and family for the first day of child care.

Prepare Your Child for Their New Routine

It’s completely normal for young children to be apprehensive about a new experience. Prepare them in advance by talking through their new routine and helping them understand what to expect. Adjust their sleep and napping schedule a week or two in advance, if there’s time, so the disruption to their rest has the lowest impact possible.

Practice Independent Skills

In a child care with other children, they’ll no longer be the single center of attention. It’s important to encourage your child to develop easy self-help skills such as washing their hands, putting on their jacket, or clearing their plate. Resist the urge to stick around after the hand-off. This may make the transition more difficult for your child and you.

Pack Their Bag Like It’s for You

You know what your child likes and what they’ll need. Pack their bag with all the gear and goodies you know your child — and your favorite child care worker — will love!

We recommend at least one change of clothes for toddlers and two or three for babies. Any children that are still toilet training need at least one pair of extra underwear and pants. Don’t forget a few extra diapers, bottles, or formula!

Covenant Schools, the Child care Albuquerque Loves!

By offering a safe, secure, and encouraging environment, our mission is to provide your child with an excellent foundation for academic and social success. Contact Covenant Schools, the premier child care facility Albuquerque has to offer, today!


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