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Bible Lesson Week of February 15

Dear Parents,

This week’s Bible truth, found in Luke 19:1-10, portrays a tax collector’s desperate attempt to see Jesus and Jesus’ loving response to him. This tax collector Zacchaeus had gained wealth through questionable means and disregarded the well-being of others. He was interested in only one thing -himself- until he heard of the man named Jesus.

Eager to learn more about the man who healed the sick and gave sight to the blind, Zacchaeus clambered up a tree to catch a glimpse of Jesus. Ignoring the complaints of the religious leaders and moralizers, Jesus sought out Zacchaeus and offered him forgiveness. And Zacchaeus joyfully accepted Jesus’ gift of grace!

As your child grows in faith, he or she may experience sadness for sin and will want to tell you that he or she is sorry for wrongdoing. This is an important step for young children, and you can affirm your child’s true repentance by letting your child know you love and forgive him or her.

As Zacchaeus discovered, the love of Jesus is for everyone. Isn’t it exciting to know the love and forgiveness He offers doesn’t depend on behavior or choices? He loves His children and adults no matter what. That’s unconditional love.

Thank you for helping your child learn the Bible truth!

Things to talk about at home:

  1. Why do you think Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus?
  2. Jesus visited with Zacchaeus at his house. If you knew that Jesus was coming to our house, how would you get ready for His visit?
  3. Remember that Zacchaeus had been greedy and taken money that was not his. How did Zacchaeus change after he met Jesus? Why did he change?

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