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Bible Lesson Week of February 1

Dear Parents,

This week your child is learning the Bible truth of young Samuel from 1 Samuel 3:1-20. Your child can be assured that just as God interacted with people in Bible times, He also interacts with His people today.

God spoke to Samuel as a boy. Samuel was raised in the house of the Lord by a priest named Eli. Both Eli and Samuel stayed in the house of the Lord night and day and served God there.

One night, Samuel heard a voice. Thinking Eli was calling him, Samuel went to Eli’s room. Eli hadn’t called the boy, so he sent him back to bed. This incident happened three times. Finally, Eli realized that God was calling Samuel! Eli encouraged the youngster to humbly listen to God’s voice. God not only spoke to Samuel that night, but He continued to speak to Samuel throughout his life.

The account of young Samuel can encourage your child to listen and learn more about God. Ways that children today can hear God speak to them include hearing the Bible read and listening to adults who wisely teach children about God, such as pastors, Bible school teachers, Christian preschool teachers, parents, and other godly family members.

And children can also communicate with the Lord through prayer. You can encourage your child’s relationship with God to grow by helping your child spend time with Him in these ways.

Thank you for helping your child learn the Bible truth.

© Bible Preschool


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