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Bible Lesson Week of April 25

Dear Parents,

When the apostle Paul and his friend Silas ended up in prison for teaching about Jesus, they chose to praise God in spite of the unfair treatment. They were able to see past the immediate situation and focus on God’s goodness.

Preschoolers, of course, live in the moment. They don’t have the ability to look past an unfair experience and see God’s love. However, when your child has a negative experience, you can teach about God’s love by affirming your child’s feelings and by lifting his or her spirits with reminders of the good things God provides.

A second key point of the Acts 16 account is Paul and Silas’s enthusiasm to tell others about Jesus. They proclaimed the need for people to believe in Jesus and to trust Him as Savior. Preschoolers learn about placing their faith in Jesus and growing in that faith until the time when they are ready to make a commitment to follow Jesus as their Savior.

You can help your child grow in faith by praying with your child, reading Bible stories, singing Christian songs, and talking about your own relationship with God.

Things to talk about at home:

  1. Have you ever felt sad or mad? Tell about that
  2. What are some reasons to praise God, even on a bad day?
  3. How can you become a follower of Jesus? If you are a follower of Jesus, how can you let others know?

Thank you for helping your child learn the Bible truth!

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