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Bible Lesson – Week of September 28

bible flowersDear Parents,
This week your child will learn the Bible truth of Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter, found in Luke 8:40-56. In this Bible truth, Jesus was called upon to perform a physical healing.

Jairus, a leader in the local synagogue, had a daughter, who was very sick. Jairus was an important man in the community, but he was also a desperate father who had faith that Jesus could help his child.

Jairus fell at Jesus’ feet and begged Jesus to save his little girl. What followed was extraordinary. As Jesus and Jairus walked toward Jairus’ home, they were told that the child had died. Jesus’ comment to Jairus at that point was to tell him not to be afraid, only believe.

And Jairus did believe! When they reached the house, Jesus told Jairus that his child was only sleeping, even though it was clear that the child had died. Then Jesus told the child to wake up. She awoke from death!

You may wonder how Jairus’ experience applies to Christian parents today. You can believe and know that God does answer your prayers for your children. There may be times when you won’t pray eloquently or even coherently, but God still understands what is in your heart.

Even as a busy parent, you can create a prayer routine that fits into your day. Consider using your commute to and from work to listen to worship music and pray.

bible butterflyYou may wish to use the acronym KIDS as a guide to pray for your child as follows:

  • K stands for kindness and character. Pray for God’s grace in developing your child’s character.
  • I stands for interactions with others. Pray for God to increase your child’s wisdom as he or she interacts with others.
  • D stands for direction in life. Pray for God to guide your child’s future plans.
  • S stands for specifics. Pray for God’s help and guidance in specific ways your family is challenged.

Thank you for helping your child learn the Bible truth.

Things to talk about at home after the Bible Lesson:

  1. Tell your child some things that you did as a child.
  2. Consider sponsoring a child in another country through a Christian child-sponsorship program. Share pictures and letters from the child. Pray with your own child for your sponsored child.

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