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Bible Lesson -Week of October 19

Dear Parents,

This week your child will learn the Bible truth of Jacob and Esau, found in Genesis, chapters 25-28.

The story of Abraham’s family continues with his son Isaac’s children. Isaac had two sons – twins named Jacob and Esau. Although they were twins, these two boys could not have been more different. Esau, the older twin, was an outdoorsman. He loved to hunt. Jacob, the younger twin, preferred life at home. Unfortunately, this family experienced problems in relationships because Isaac favored Esau, while his wife sided with Jacob.

As the younger son, Jacob would not have expected an equal share of the inheritance once his father died. Also, he would not have received the special prayer of blessing, something reserved for the oldest son and heir to the position of spiritual head of the family. Jacob probably felt cheated out of these things and resolved to get them for himself. As it turned out, through dishonesty and deception, Jacob managed to gain the blessing that was rightfully Esau’s.

Deception and dishonesty certainly did not end with Jacob! All children lie from time to time, but when you first realize that your child has lied to you, you will probably be flooded with negative emotions such as anger or disappointment.

You may even wonder if your child’s lying is the result of something you have done wrong as a parent. Do not become discouraged at this. You haven’t failed to teach honesty; you have just started! You can catch your child’s lies, correct them, and provide instruction in integrity at the same time. One caution – be sure that your child isn’t lying because he or she fears you will react to the truth with anger or be overly severe in your discipline.

Covenant Schools Bible Lesson

Parents teach best by example. If you are honest, your child will value honesty. Tell the truth and model truth-telling to your child. Thank you for helping your child to learn the Bible truth.

Things to talk about at home after the Bible Lesson:

  1. Why is it important to tell the truth?
  2. What is the difference between telling a make-believe story and a lie?
  3. Have you ever told a lie? What happened after that?

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