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When Should Your Child Learn to Write?

Girl child writing

As a parent, there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your child gradually learn, grow, and develop. As your child learns to walk and talk, you might be wondering next – when should your child start to write? Courtesy of our early childhood education in Rio Rancho, here is some information on when and how you should expect your child to learn to write.

When Do Kids Usually Learn How to Write?

Every child learns different skills at their own pace, and writing is no exception. Some kids learn to write their name as early as four years old. Others take a little longer, waiting until they are five or six years old to comfortably write their names and simple sentences. Writing is a dynamic task, and every child approaches it differently.

How Do Kids Learn to Write?

Once again, each child has their own way of learning to write. Some can pick it up intuitively without much guidance, while others might need a bit more support along the way. Many kids start to write through playtime, creating their own “words” as they scribble with their crayons.

What Can You Do To Help Your Child Start Writing?

While your child needs the ability to discover their own preferred way of writing, parents can certainly provide some support. You can encourage your child to write by doing simple activities, such as playing word games or giving your child a crayon to play with. Most importantly, you should support your child’s intuitive growth and let them develop naturally.

Learn More About Our Early Childhood Education in Rio Rancho

We are committed to making sure your children are always learning, safe, and loved during their time at Covenant Schools. Each early childhood education program promotes children’s God-given curiosity and desire to learn, allowing them to develop healthily through every stage of childhood. Let us welcome you and your child to Covenant Schools, the child care Albuquerque loves.Contact us to set up a tour of our school.


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