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The Importance of an Exceptional Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum in Albuquerque

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) prepares kids to be successful in school and life. That’s why finding a school that offers an exceptional pre-kindergarten curriculum is essential. In pre-k, students refine their social skills, expand on their fundamental competencies, and begin to value learning.

At Covenant Schools, we’ve tailored our Albuquerque pre-kindergarten curriculum to help kids grow while instilling admirable values leading to purposeful lives. We’re here to discuss why enrolling your child in pre-k is important.

Enjoying Learning

Pre-k ignites a child’s curiosity about the world around them. It helps kids learn in ways they find engaging. They’re encouraged to ask questions, make decisions, and solve problems. Pre-k also supports creativity and imagination.

Through constructive play, they begin to value learning while gaining knowledge:

  • Games
  • Activities
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Arts
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Science Projects

By balancing play with learning, pre-k students build foundations that prepare them for elementary school curriculums. This foundation helps them succeed in their academic careers.

Growing Social and Emotional Skills

Pre-k helps children learn how to socialize with others. They learn to take turns, follow directions, and not interrupt when someone else is talking.

Kids also learn how to identify and communicate their feelings in appropriate ways. A good pre-k curriculum helps students cope with distressing and overwhelming emotions.

Along with these social and emotional skills, children begin learning how to take care of themselves. They learn to wash their hands, eat by themselves, and figure out how to organize their possessions.

This all leads to kids who can independently respect themselves and others.

Building Community

Children in pre-k schools figure out the importance of community. Good pre-k curriculums ask students to collaborate to meet goals. Kids are asked to work together to help with snack time, gather materials, solve puzzles, and participate in other team-building activities.

As they work together, they see the importance of communication, teamwork, and learning from each other.

This helps them better integrate into their future school communities and our world communities.

Preparing for Kindergarten

Impactful pre-k curriculums help children get a head start on their foundational skills and understanding:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Sounds

They begin to learn how to count and become familiar with the alphabet. By the time they reach kindergarten, they feel more confident already knowing these concepts.

Pre-k students also get a chance to refine their physical coordination and fine motor skills through play and activities.

Getting Ready for the Future

Pre-k not only prepares kids for kindergarten, but many studies show how this curriculum prepares them for life.

Academic Careers

For their academic careers, Albuquerque pre-k students positively benefit in various ways:

  • Stronger literacy skills
  • Greater math abilities
  • Better science aptitudes
  • Higher GPAs
  • Favorable SAT scores

Pre-k students are placed in special education programs less than non-pre-k students. They also have lower incidences of being held back. Plus, students enrolled in pre-k tend to drop out of school less and graduate high school on time.

Beyond high school, pre-k students have a better chance of attending 2 and 4-year colleges.


When looking beyond college, some studies show that pre-k students have more successful adulthoods.

Not only do pre-k students have a better chance of being employed, but they can earn up to $2,000 more monthly than kids who don’t attend pre-k.

Pre-k students are arrested less than non-pre-k students as juveniles and adults. They also tend to register to vote.

Studies also show that pre-k students have higher rates of full-time employment and higher rates of car and home ownership. They also tend to have savings accounts.

Other studies point to pre-k students having better health and fewer chronic diseases in adulthood. They also are seen as having better relationships with family members. These students also become more community-focused.

When looking at socioeconomic circumstances, children in poverty-prone areas reap some of the most significant rewards when attending pre-k.

Pre-k students from poverty-stricken backgrounds have a better chance of becoming financially independent. This means they require little to zero public assistance once they become adults.

Overall, pre-k students made better life choices and could make decisions that positively impacted themselves and the people around them.

Finding an Exceptional Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum in Albuquerque

Covenant Schools offers more than just a pre-kindergarten curriculum; we provide a value-based life strategy.

Our ABEKA-based curriculum intertwines pre-k learning with creativity, play, and faith. We foster children’s unique personalities as they become more independent and mindful.

Contact us today to see how your child can thrive in our Albuquerque pre-kindergarten curriculum.

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) prepares kids to be successful in school and life. That’s why finding a school that offers an exceptional pre-kindergarten curriculum is essential.


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