Connie has 30 years of experience in the childcare field as a teacher, cook, and administrator. She came to Covenant Schools when it opened in June of 2000. Ms. Connie enjoyed her years spent in the kitchen as cooking is a passion of hers, and it also allowed her to spend time with the children throughout the day. Connie’s priorities are family, paired with a love for gardening and animals.

Seeing Connie’s self-motivation and organizational skills would be an asset to Covenants administration staff and families, Covenant promoted Connie to Assistant Director in 2012. Connie is crucial in the daily operations of Covenant School. She keeps things running smoothly and cares for everyone. Connie has completed her National Administrators credential for Early Childhood. Most importantly, Ms. Connie makes sure that each child knows God loves them and that they are special and unique.

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