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Sending Your Child to a Preschool Learning Center Can Be a Benefit to Them and Their Future

Life as a parent is a busy one. Often, the expectations and requirements of your day never cease. You depend on a trustworthy form of daycare. And while daycare is what most parents are familiar with, there is another option, one that provides you and your child with lasting intellectual, emotional, and psychological benefits.

Instead of choosing a Day Care Center, why not choose a Preschool Learning Center. An early childhood learning center provides your child with an opportunity to experience and grow in a structured learning environment with teachers and other children. Covenant Schools of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico is a place of learning, laughter and growth for your preschool child with programs and curriculum proven to build long-term academic success.

Early learning centers are more than a place to drop your kids off while you are at work or school, they are institutions of learning that provide your child the tools needed to succeed throughout their future.

Here are some important reasons your child should attend one of Covenant Schools Preschool Programs.

1. Your child’s emotional and social development can be greatly impacted by Early Childhood Developmental Learning Programs

At Covenant Schools, educators are more than just people who “watch over” your child. Our teachers are trained to promote curiosity, develop emotional skills, and even encourage enriching engagement between your child, adults, and the other peers in their class. Teachers work in tandem with a child’s parents to establish and set goals for development and then strive to give each child the emotional connections they need to develop and grow.

2. Early child development and learning centers promote cognitive and language skills

A child’s vocabulary grows exponentially between the ages of 3 and 5. Word usage and sentence structure becomes more complex; children during this time period formulate much of their longer-term language capabilities. Covenant Schools will cultivate in each student a daily experience rich with language. Classes engage in conversational exercises and teachers assist students to expand their vocabulary. Activities like singing, storytelling and question-answer games help expand and enrich your child’s vocabulary and understanding of communication and language appropriateness.

Hands-on activities and tactile learning experiences are used to challenge your child’s brain activity and problem solving skills. Thought Enrichment Programs, taught at Covenant Schools are paramount to a child’s cognitive learning abilities.

3. Preschool learning programs promote math and reading skills

In order to prepare your child for kindergarten, educators at Covenant Schools offer a wide range of games and activities that promote pre-k matching and reading skills. These activities consist of singing the alphabet song while following along in a picture book, building connections between the visual and the spoken word.

Math skills are introduced by sorting games, counting games, and matching activities that are designed to grow a child’s understanding of numbers. Teachers are trained to make learning math as much fun as possible and put the learning in terms that the child enjoys and understands.

4. Covenant School prepares your child for future learning

Parents rely on preschool programs to prepare their child for kindergarten and elementary school. We are not baby-sitters; we are educators and early childhood developmental specialists! A quality early child learning center gives your child the tools they’ll need to succeed at the next level. We believe the difference is because of our highly trained staff that takes an active role in giving each individual child the skills needed to advance. It’s all about the child and learning experiences are tailored to each child’s individual needs.

Put your child on the path to a successful learning future with one of our Covenant School Preschool Programs. We offer multiple locations for early child learning in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

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