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Rio Rancho Early Childhood Education at Covenant Schools: An Overview

Infant laying on tummy and playing with blocks.

Welcome to Covenant Schools, an early childhood education in Rio Rancho that is committed to providing a nurturing and safe environment for children to thrive in.

Covenant Schools: Comprehensive Early Childhood Education in Rio Rancho

Early childhood education occurs before a child is old enough to be enrolled in kindergarten. This makes it one of the most important times for a child to develop the intellectual and social skills needed to perform well in education and beyond.

Covenant Schools Offers Unmatched Staff and a Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Here at Covenant Schools, we understand that this time of life is essential for setting up your child’s future success. For this reason, we only hire the best of the best teachers and staff to provide the best education and support possible. In fact, many of our teachers have more hours of professional training than what is necessary for the state of New Mexico.

The Pillars of Covenant Schools Early Childhood Programs

The staff at Covenant Schools always wants to cultivate excitement and curiosity in our students, which is why our programs integrate a variety of lessons and subject topics. This allows children to discover their interests and practice their creativity freely.


Some of the lessons learned at Covenant include arts and crafts, technology, math, reading, sports, and so much more. Additionally, as a Christian school, we ensure that all of our students leave our programs with more growth in their Christian faith.

Get Enrolled in Covenant Schools Today

If high-quality education through a Christian lens is what you seek, then Covenant Schools might just be the perfect fit for you and your child. If you would like a tour of our center for early childhood education in Rio Rancho, contact us today!


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