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Our Pre-K Schools Help Your Child Prepare for Kindergarten!

The mission at our PreK schools is to help students acquire the skills and education they will need for kindergarten and in life. Our students begin learning these important skills in our preschool class.

Once they advance to our PreK class, our curriculum ensures they will begin mastering those skills that will help them succeed in elementary-school-level reading, writing, and math.



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What Do You Learn at Pre-K?

The purpose of a PreK school is to prepare children for grade school, which is just what the PreK curriculum at Covenant Schools helps ensure. Upon entry to elementary school, the more educational foundation a child has going in, the better they will acclimate and confidently succeed. It is essential a child acquires the skills to learn.

Our PreK curriculum is designed for the learning abilities and needs of 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds.

Caring and understanding for your child mean we teach subjects in shortened age-appropriate increments. With the help of our ABEKA curriculum-based workbooks, we teach fun and interactive lessons in math, letters, and reading. The workbooks come with music on CDs to help children engage with their learning.

Covenant Schools also offers a special interactive summer curriculum with other exciting activities! Cooking projects, CSI mysteries, science projects, drama, sports, art, music, special splash days, and crazy-cool camping are all part of our summer PreK school programs.

Pre-K Schools Curriculum

Our PreK school curriculum focuses on child engagement. We have time for art, music, and dance. Our lesson times are diversified with unstructured time for children to be children and play or create as they please.

Our students have the freedom to grow their personalities and to be uniquely creative.

The ultimate goal of our PreK schools is to have adequately prepared your child for elementary school. By the time a child is finished with our program, they will have learned:

  • Reading (some children leave with a 2nd or 3rd-grade level!)
  • To count from 1 through 100
  • Simple math problems
  • To write their name
  • Words and letters
  • Sign Language and Spanish
  • Great learning skills
  • Social skills for necessary age-appropriate social interactions

Kindergarten Readiness from Pre-K at Covenant Schools

When your child leaves our program, they will have confidence in their knowledge. This is one of the most important aspects of excelling in school. Reinforcing a child’s education ensures mastery over the topics they have learned, and Covenant Schools does this by using the researched-based ABEKA Curriculum.

Christian principles are taught by learning basic Scripture passages, such as the 10 Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer. By teaching these principles early in our PreK schools, children are given a foundation for growth in the Christian faith. We teach Christian values in everything that we do. By reading Christian stories that cause children to think about morals and conduct, children can learn as they go about their daily routine at Covenant Schools.

We utilize the ABEKA curriculum to help students advance their academic abilities. A solid curriculum that weaves Biblical truth and academic learning together allows children to obtain a well-balanced education that prepares them for elementary school.

Your child’s education is our top priority. Our philosophy is to provide the best education possible. If you believe in a Christian-based learning curriculum with credible educators who will help your child excel, please contact Covenant Schools today. Our Rio Rancho and Albuquerque PreK schools support your children’s faith-based learning and success with proven educational resources.

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