Instilling Resiliency in Your Children Even in the Face of Adversity

When the going gets tough, the tough ….. start laughing! So put on a smile and teach them strength through laughter!
When the going gets tough, the tough….start laughing! So put on a smile and teach them strength through laughter!

Children tend to be happy-go-lucky and typically un-phased by the drama the world can provide us adults on a regular basis. However, it doesn’t mean that they never experience stress or trauma. There are some children who are exposed to this on a regular basis in the form of natural disasters, neglect, abuse and even the death of their loved ones.

As parents and caregivers, we obviously try to keep them as safe as possible from unpleasant things, but the reality is we’re just not able to protect them from everything the world sends their way. When they experience something sad or negative, children tend to feel vulnerable, afraid, sad and lonely. So what do we do to help prevent this or at the very least, minimize these feelings?

It’s for these reasons it’s important to make sure your children keep their sense of humor – and resilience – to help them through the rough times. Early childhood is the best time to begin to instill resiliency according to the experts – but how do you go about this?

Most importantly, children who come from families who are supportive and caring tend to be more resilient when life throws them a curve. When they are surrounded by adults – both family members and early childhood educators – who are loving, caring and responsive to their needs they are much better equipped to adapt to adversity.

When protective factors like a supportive family, adequate nutrition, and responsive and caring educators and caregivers are a regular presence in a child’s life, they become more adaptable and resilient beings. This instilled resiliency will allow children to develop a better sense of humor to carry them through life – a sense of humor that will serve them well even in the face of adversity.

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