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Child Care in Rio Rancho | Covenant Schools’ Top Tips for an Easy Drop Off

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At Covenant Schools, the highest-quality child care Rio Rancho has to offer, our families trust us to support and care for their child and their family. But it all starts with drop-off, and drop-off can be a drag!

Here are our top tips to help you and your child start the day off with a successful drop-off!

Create a Bedtime Routine Checklist

Before you shuffle off to sleep the night before drop off, take the pressure off the morning by making a list of all the things they’ll need. Are bottles filled and multiple pacifiers packed? Don’t forget extra clothes, bibs, and snacks for older children.

Talk It Through and Practice Drop Off

Every kid loves a game of pretend play. Make drop-off fun by talking about it with your child and running through a role-play a few times. Go through everything from jacket and shoes to hugs and kisses. Get them excited to “remember their lines” and star in the leading role of “Johnny Goes to Day Care.”

Bring Something Familiar

Allow your child to bring one of their favorite stuffed animals, blankets, or toys. Something that reminds them of home, of safety, can help them acclimate more quickly to a new environment.

Prepare for the Waterworks

Despite carefully laid plans, there may still be some tears. That’s okay! Our warm and highly compassionate staff at Covenant Schools is ready to support you and your child if the floodgates open up.

Covenant Schools, the Child Care Rio Rancho Loves!

Our skilled and encouraging staff is trained to help your child’s transition be as easy as possible. Call our team today and feel confident in your child’s care! As the proud recipient of many local awards and national accreditations, Covenant Schools offers the highest quality child care Rio Rancho has to offer.




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