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Bible Lesson Week of March 21

Dear Parents,

This week your child begins a new Bible unit called Easter. The unit begins with the account of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, and it is recorded in Matthew 21:1-11. Crowds shouted Hosanna and recognized Jesus as their King.

The event is commonly celebrated in churches as Palm Sunday. Throughout the lesson, children will recognize that Jesus can be King in their heart as well. They will learn ways to praise Jesus through their words, songs, and prayers.

The lesson continues by recounting the events of the Last Supper, the meal Jesus shared with His disciples before His death (Matthew 26:17-30). The observance of eating the bread and drinking the wine or grape juice is a practice in Christian churches in remembrance of the fact that Christ’s body was broken and His blood was shed on the cross.

This week as you enter the Easter season, consider ways to praise Jesus with your child, such as praying at mealtime and before bed, playing and singing along with worship music, or sharing with your child how God has blessed you. You may make a special point to enjoy meals together and acknowledge God’s faithfulness to your family. Enjoy this special season with your child and other loved ones.

Thank you for helping your child learn the Bible truth!

Things to talk about at home:

  1. What special meals do you share as a family? What do those meals mean to you?
  2. What are some ways God has blessed your family?
  3. How do you thank God for His blessings for your family?

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