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Bible Lesson Week of September 8

bible treeDear Parents,
This week we are learning about the Tower of Babel found in Genesis 11:1-9.

Instead of following God’s plan and moving to different places throughout the earth, Noah’s descendants chose to stay in one area. Once they discovered how to bake bricks and to use mortar, these people decided to build a tall tower. Their purpose in building the tower was not to glorify God but to make themselves famous. God disapproved of their plan.

By miraculously changing their language, God blocked their communication, stopping their building project. The name of the place was changed to Babel, which means confusion. People with a common language moved together and established new homes. God accomplished His original plan despite the disobedience of the people.

This Bible truth provides a wonderful opportunity for you to consider your priorities. The people clearly felt that building a tower to become famous was more important than doing what God wanted them to do.

Sometimes you may feel squeezed into the priorities established by your employer or by your friends. But step back a minute! Consider what is most important for you and for your child. Let your child know your priorities – your relationships with God and with your loved ones.

Thank you for helping your child learn the Bible truth!

Things to talk about at home after the Bible Lesson:

  1. What is a brick? How could you make one? What would you use to stick your bricks together?
  2. What did the people build in the Bible lesson?
  3. Why did God change the language of the people?
  4. Was God being fair or unfair when He changed the language of the people? Why?

Try this project:
Make a cookie tower. Choose thin, flat cookies and stick them together with frosting or ice cream. Enjoy!

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