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A Guide to the Abeka Curriculum in Albuquerque

The Abeka curriculum in Albuquerque helps students reach their full potential. It focuses on a Christian worldview, with its primary goal of cultivating an environment where children can grow in faith and knowledge. Using an integrated approach, the Abeka curriculum combines Bible study, traditional classroom instruction, and practical life skills into one unified system.
At Covenant Schools, we know how crucial it is for your children to become well-rounded citizens. That’s why we want to give you insight into what the Abeka curriculum entails.

About the Abeka Curriculum

The Abeka curriculum offers an interdisciplinary approach that allows students to learn multiple subjects simultaneously. Each subject encompasses a Biblical worldview, with the intent of helping children form a strong foundation in faith and morals.
This curriculum covers the fundamentals you expect from a learning environment:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social studies

Abeka also emphasizes traditional values and essential life skills such as responsibility, respect for authority, and courtesy.
The Abeka curriculum challenges Albuquerque students academically while cultivating strong moral values. Its balanced approach allows students to become well-rounded individuals who are both spiritually and intellectually prepared for the future.

Abeka Curriculum Resources

Numerous resources are available to ensure that every student succeeds under the Abeka program. The Abeka website provides parents with tips on how to best support their child’s learning experience with the curriculum. Parents can also find supplemental materials online or at their local Christian bookstore, such as practice tests and review material.

Abeka’s Ties to the Christian Faith

The Abeka curriculum is an excellent option for Christian families in Albuquerque seeking an education grounded in faith and knowledge. With its integrated approach, Abeka allows students to grow intellectually and spiritually. Abeka provides children with the tools they need to reach their maximum potential through engaging lessons and dedicated resources.
With its strong emphasis on Christian values and practical life skills, the Abeka curriculum can help cultivate an environment where children can learn and grow together. Whether your child is just starting or continuing their educational journey, Abeka has something for every student’s academic and spiritual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Abeka’s math secular?

This is a secular, humanistic approach to education that seeks to encourage students by fostering freedom and active participation in the classroom. Abeka Math does not involve specific religious teachings, nor does it promote one religion over another.
The program uses various strategies: direct instruction, exploration, problem-solving, and discussion-based learning. Abeka Math provides an effective way to teach math concepts in a fun and engaging way.
It also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can help students become successful, independent learners. Abeka Math is not affiliated with any religious groups or organizations and is appropriate for public, private, and home school settings.

Who wrote the Abeka curriculum?

The Abeka curriculum was developed and is continually updated by the team at Pensacola Christian College. The foundation of the Abeka curriculum was built upon the work of Dr. Arlin Horton, who founded Pensacola Christian College in 1974.
Since then, Abeka has become a trusted source for Christian educators to provide their students with a solid foundation and exemplary Christian education.

How many hours a day is Abeka?

Abeka is a flexible and customizable program that fits the needs of each student. Depending on the grade level and curriculum, students typically spend around 3-4 hours a day completing Abeka materials. This amount of time may vary depending on how many courses the student takes and their learning pace.

How Covenant Schools Implements the Abeka Curriculum in Albuquerque

At Covenant Schools, we give your children a tailored Abeka curriculum appropriate for their age.
For ages 2-3, our Abeka curriculum targets their cognitive and motor skills to help them develop at a pace comfortable for them. They begin learning skills and values needed to become successful:

  • Learning about the Bible
  • Matching spoken sounds to letters in the alphabet
  • Understanding numbers
  • Engaging in art projects

For ages 4-5, our pre-kindergarten curriculum prepares them for elementary school:

  • Bible introduction
  • Writing, reading, and letter sounds
  • Math and numbers
  • Science and health
  • Social studies and community helpers
  • Fine arts

Our Abeka curriculum forms your children’s foundational learning while building upon the skills they’ve already developed.
Are you ready to learn more about our Abeka curriculum? Contact us today to have one of our educators walk you through our Abeka curriculum in Albuquerque!


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