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3 Benefits of a Christian Day Care in Albuquerque

Kids with parents

Enrolling in a Christian day care in Albuquerque offers a safe and nurturing environment for children to thrive and develop into the Christian faith.

What Are the Advantages of Learning at a Christian Day Care?

Integrating Christian teachings into your child’s preschool and child care education can be extremely beneficial for both their personal and spiritual growth. Here are three of the many advantages of receiving a Christian day care center education instead of a secular one:

#1: Consistent Values Inside and Outside the Home

The great part about enrolling in a Christian day care is that it allows your child to be exposed to Christian beliefs in an educational setting in addition to the home. Christian day care centers in Albuquerque carry similar values and faith to that of your home and church, in turn helping your child further explore and grow into their faith.

#2: Lesson Plans Centered Around Christian Teachings

On top of lesson plans that integrate language skills, social skills, physical activity, art projects, and other important facets of growth and development, Christian day care also includes teachings from the Christian faith. This not only includes direct teachings of the Bible, but it involves building your children’s faith in God and God’s love for them.

#3: Exposure to Christian Friends and Role Models

Spending time at a Christian day care gives your child the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with fellow Christians. Day care instructors serve as excellent Christian role models, and being in classes amidst fellow Christians allows your child to build strong friendships built on shared values and faith.

Enroll in a Christian Day Care in Albuquerque Today

To learn more about the Christian ideals taught at Covenant Schools, the premiere Christian day care in Albuquerque, don’t hesitate to schedule a visit to our facilities today.


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