Pre-Kindergarten Advance Class

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program helps your child prepare for kindergarten and beyond!


Hard at work practicing
new skills!

At Covenant Schools, our pre-k programs are part of our mission to help our students acquire the education and skills they will need in kindergarten and beyond. Our students begin learning skills in our preschool class.

Once they advance to our pre-kindergarten class, our curriculum ensures that they will begin mastering those skills which will help them be successful in elementary-school-level reading, writing and math.

Pre-Kindergarten Class

When it comes to elementary school, the more a child knows going in, the better he or she will do. It is also important that a child acquire the skills to learn. The purpose of a pre-kindergarten program is to ready children for school, and that is just what the pre-k curriculum at Covenant Schools helps ensure.

Our pre-k curriculum is specially designed for the learning abilities and needs of the 4-year-olds in our class.

Understanding and caring for your child means we only teach in subjects in 15 minute increments with the help of our A Beka curriculum-based workbooks. These are fun, interactive lessons in math, letters and reading. The workbooks come with CDs and music to help children engage with their learning.

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum


Friends help me learn!

Our pre-kindergarten curriculum is all about engagement. Our lesson times are interspersed with unstructured time to create, play and be children. We also have times for art, music, and dance.

All of the programs at Covenant Schools are structured, but not inhibited; our students have the freedom to be creative and to grow in their own unique personality.

The goal of our pre-k school is to ready your child for kindergarten and elementary school. By the time your child is finished with our program, he or she will have learned:

  • Reading
  • A high percentage of our students are reading by the time they leave for kindergarten, some even at a 2nd or 3rd grade level.
  • To count and do simple math
  • We use sets, what’s-different, counting and graphs to make math interactive
  • To write their name and simple words
  • Workbooks help our students learn letters and words
  • Have advanced in both Spanish and sign language from the preschool class
  • Good learning skills
  • Social skills for age-appropriate and necessary social interaction

Kindergarten Readiness with Covenant Schools


Learning with friends is fun!

When your child leaves our program, he or she has the confidence in their knowledge which is so important for excelling in kindergarten and beyond.

At Covenant Schools, your child’s education is our priority, and providing the best education possible is our philosophy.

Both you and your child will have confidence in the education and readiness for kindergarten from Covenant Schools.

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