Providing Healthy Daycare Meals


Healthy foods help your child learn!

We know that when you choose Covenant Schools, you are trusting us to provide your child with a safe and comfortable environment. Because the home is the most important factor in a child’s development, we strive to complement family life in every way possible.

When it comes to daycare nutrition we do our best to provide healthy daycare meals in order to help promote the healthy development of your child.

Daycare Nutritional Needs
At Covenant Schools, the age range of children we care for covers infants, toddlers, two year olds, preschool and pre-kindergarten. The rate of growth at these ages is tremendous, and the nutritional need is high.

It is crucial to provide growing children well-balanced, healthy meals that provide the energy they need to grow. The diets and nutritional choices available to children at this time during this crucial time of development can influence their future health and their food habits later in life.



Covenant Schools Daycare Nutrition and Daycare Meals
We provide full and well-balanced meals to all of the children under our care. We follow state regulations and USDA food guidelines when planning our menus, but we also confer with our cooks so that we can make healthy and child-friendly meals.

All of our food is made on the premises; nothing is pre-packaged. Our toddler, preschool and pre-k meals are served throughout the day.

Your child receives:

  • Breakfast
  • A morning snack
  • Lunch
  • An afternoon snack

For your child’s safety, we are very careful with foods that are known allergens. We do not serve food that contains peanuts or other nut butters. We also take special care with infant nutritional needs.

Nutritious, Child-Friendly Daycare Meals in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, NM
We know that you are putting your child’s well being into our hands. Our philosophy of preschool in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho shapes everything we do at Covenant Schools.

Your child is the most precious part of your life we promise to make sure they’re safe and loved while you’re away.

Come see the difference at Covenant Schools!

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