Medical/Sickness Policies and Procedures for out Pre-Schools in New Mexico

At Covenant Schools, we are dedicated to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for children at both of our pre-schools in New Mexico. In addition to teaching children how to properly wash their hands, cover their coughs and sneezes in the crook of their arm and avoid spreading germs, we adhere to the following policies and procedures:


It is a mandatory state regulation that Covenant Schools have a copy of your child’ immunization record and you provide updated records when shots are given.


All of the faculty and staff at our New Mexico Pre-K schools and daycares are certified in Infant and Pediatric CPR and First Aid.


We have to consider all the children in our childcares and pre-schools in New Mexico—and we wish to make sure that they are all protected from illness. Therefore, if your child becomes sick at school, we will inform you immediately. If your child has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, you must come to pick up your child within one (1) hour from the time you are called. Please make sure that the phone numbers we have on file are current. We want to notify you as soon as possible if your child is not feeling well.

Also, we ask you to please not bring your child to school if the child is known to be ill or if there has been any of the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • A fever within the last 24 hours
  • Symptoms of a contagious disease

After your child has been ill, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines when determining whether or not your child is ready to return to school:

  • No fever (without fever-reducing medicine) for 24 hours or more
  • Antibiotics (if prescribed) have been used for a full 24 hours
  • Vomiting, diarrhea has cleared for 24 hours

Contagious Diseases

Contagious diseases must be reported to the school by the parent as soon as the illness is diagnosed, so other parents may be notified of the exposure. When a potentially contagious illness occurs, notes will be posted in the classroom for parents of children who may have been exposed. Children absent from either of our pre-schools in New Mexico with contagious diseases will not be readmitted without a signed statement from a physician indicating the child is no longer contagious.

Minor Injuries

Minor injuries will be attended to with soap, water, ice and Band-Aids. Should there be a more serious accident, parents or other persons listed on the emergency form will be contacted. If no one can be reached, we will call the doctor you have listed.


If your child is on medication and it is necessary to have it administered during school hours, please fill out a Medical Authorization form.

Medications will only be given with prior written permission from the parents or guardian and will be administrated according to written directions from the prescribing physician. In the case of non-prescription medication (i.e., Tylenol), the parent or guardian must provide written instructions. If a child is younger than or does not meet the weight requirements on the non-prescription medication label (i.e., Tylenol), a physician must provide a written letter or prescription that will be attached to the Medical Authorization form.

Covenant Schools is required by State Licensing to administer medications for current symptoms only that do not exclude a child from attendance according to minimum standards. We are not allowed to keep “as needed” medications on hand for future possible symptoms.

Disclosure: The most up-do-date information pertaining to our policies and procedures can be found in the Parent Handbook you receive upon enrolling your child in Covenant Schools. Should there be a discrepancy between information found on our Web site and information found in the Parent Handbook, we will adhere to the policies and procedures as set forth in the Parent Handbook.

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