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Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Carol — Director

Ms. Carol has been with Covenant Schools since its inception in 1999. In fact, she played an integral role in the structure and design of the programs offered and the building. Having spent over 34 years of her professional life providing exceptional child care, Ms. Carol has key insight into how to efficiently run a safe and quality childcare program. Ms. Carol works diligently to make Covenant Schools a place that’s so much more than somewhere to drop off your child while you work; she strives to go the extra mile for families at Covenant Schools by accommodating the unique needs of individual families and providing a safe community for parents to interact and work together with teachers and other parents as they raise their children. Click here for a more detailed bio.

Ms. Loretta — Infants

Ms. Loretta came to Covenant School after spending almost twenty years as a home-schooling teacher of three. She has worked in the infant room at Covenant Schools since 2006. She has had several years experience working with children from infants to school age and continues to seek out training and learning experiences throughout the year. With the aid of her assistant teachers, Ms. Loretta provided loving care for each of the infants in the room, developing schedules that are best suited for each individual child.

Ms. Debbie – Toddlers

Ms. Debbie has been teaching at Covenant Schools for almost three years. Ms. Debbie believes that even though the children are under the age of two, they are like sponges and have the ability to learn a lot throughout the year. She teaches ABCs, numbers in English and Spanish, colors and the Pledge of Allegiance! She teaches the children to play well with other children. She has a very well-structured day so children know what to expect and follow. They have fun doing an Art project every day. She reads bible stories, sing songs and teaches sign language which she feels is an effective way to assist pre-language children to effectively communicate their needs.

Ms. Elizabeth – Two A

Ms. Elizabeth has worked for Covenant School since 2008. She enjoys working with two year olds and has infinite patience and love for them. Throughout a typical day children learn sign language, Spanish, numbers, colors, letters and shapes. The children love their daily Bible stories and are encouraged by Gods promises to guide and protect them.

Ms. Bertha — Two B

Ms. Bertha has almost 10 years experience working with both preschool and school-aged children. She has professional recognition as a Child Development Associate and loves working with young children at Covenant Schools. Throughout the day, students are taught Spanish and learn their shapes, colors, numbers and letters. All children are fully potty trained by the end of the program and ready to move on to the 3’s class. Ms. Bertha teaches children that God loves them and she encourages children to be the best they can at whatever they do. By providing an understanding environment full of love and caring, students excel in their developmental and academic skills.

Ms. Pam — Preschool Beginner A

Ms. Pam has been teaching three-year olds at Covenant School for the past 5 years. Having received her preschool certification in 2008, she is now working on completing her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Multicultural Education later this year.  Ms. Pam believes that each child is a unique individual with different backgrounds, interests and strengths. By uncovering the way that each child learns best, she helps children discover their individuality while enabling them to excel academically. A typical day in Ms. Pam’s class is well-structured while making use of hands-on activities and playtime that encourage kids to use their imaginations and be creative. In Ms. Pam’s class, children will learn basic sign language in addition to mastering the skills they need to be successful in primary school.

Ms. Jessica — Preschool Beginner B

Ms. Jessica has worked with children at Covenant Schools for four years. Ms. Jessica has created a dynamic classroom rooted in God’s Word. Her love for the children demonstrates God’s love to them. She teaches language development, phonics, numbers, and sign language as well as Bible in her class. Ms. Jessica also leads music in Chapel once a week.

Ms. Jill – Preschool Advanced A

Ms. Jill has been at Covenant School since 2002. She has assisted with PreK Beginners and PreK Advanced. Ms. Jill is very creative at designing activities that make the learning fun. Ms. Jill teaches phonics, numbers, Bible and Sign Language while encouraging the children to laugh and enjoy learning. Giving the children a solid foundation for future success is a goal Ms. Jill has for her class.

Ms. Brittany – Preschool Advanced B

Ms. Brittany has been teaching in the Preschool Advanced program at Covenant Schools for nearly three years. She recently received her Associates degree from CNM in interdisciplinary studies. Ms. Brittany enjoys arts and crafts as well as cooking. She tries to incorporate these things in her classroom to make learning as fun as possible. Above all Ms. Brittany loves teaching the children about God and helping them develop and nurture their love of God to prepare them for when they leave for Kindergarten.

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